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Pupil Outcomes



"Finally, my child is happy to come to school.  My biggest wish is that he is able to stay at Fordway permanently." October 2019


"The Fordway Centre has been amazing!  My son is so much more happier here.  Staff are fantastic, know exactly how to deal with challenging behaviour, they are supportive, kind and understanding.  We’ve had such a tough couple of years and this is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt that things will be alright.  Thank you so much." October 2019


"The best school I could ask for after my boy couldn’t cope in mainstream school. Helped him a lot.  Thank you so much."  October 2019


"My son has shown improved behaviour at Fordway and enjoys going to school in the morning."  March 2019


"Staff have taken the time to include my son and family as a whole.  There is always clear communication and strong support from ALL staff." March 2019


"My son has changed for the best.  I’m so happy with this school, we need more like this." March 2019



"Thank you for giving me my son back.  He has made so much progress in the short amount of time he has attended." September 2018


"I cannot praise the school, the teachers and the management enough.  I feel my child and I are very supported particularly by LW.  *** has made academic progress and his behaviours have been addressed with positive outcomes.  The school has a very caring environment.  The whole staff group work together as a team." September 2018


"The support we have received from the school and SD has been second to none.  We finally feel that somebody has listened to our concerns and have assisted us in doing the best for my daughter." September 2018



‘Our son has made so much progress since being at the Fordway Centre.  His behaviour is 100% better along with his learning and achieving is also 100% better. He is such a happy little boy, in fact the happiest he has ever been. His anxiety has improved. He would never read or write and is doing everything that he needs to do to learn. We couldn’t be happier with how the school has been with our son.’ March 2016


‘Fordway has been excellent for our son.  All staff have taken the time to get to know and understand him, also provide him the support he needs for his learning. He is much happier at home and his self-esteem is much improved.’ March 2016


‘My son does NOT want to leave. Anxiety for all is down and we’re seeing such improvements. Keep up the good work.’ March 2016


‘Our son is so happy; he is like a different child since coming here.  Shame he can’t stay. Thank you all so much . . .’ March 2016


‘Still early days yet but already noticing changes in my sons’ behaviour.’ March 2016


‘Very good school.  My son has learnt a lot since coming here.’ March 2016

‘My son has made really big progress and he is happy here and I would like to say a big thank you!’ March 2016


‘Having been very apprehensive about our son coming to the Fordway Centre initially, we have been very impressed at the way the school is run and how our sons’ behaviour has been addressed and managed.’ March 2016


‘Our son has formed good relationships with the teachers and other children and he seem happier and calmer.  He has learnt some coping strategies which he has adopted well.’ March 2016


‘Overall we are very grateful for the efforts put in by all at the Fordway Centre.’ March 2016